The Vacheron Constantin Patrimony spirit is firmly anchored in the effervescent mood of the ...

May 6, 2015


The Vacheron Constantin Patrimony spirit is firmly anchored in the effervescent mood of the 1950s. The post-war period witnessed a renewed fervour for essentials and for beauty. This decade was pervaded by a prevailing positivism that nurtured a creative and aesthetic revival. This wave of optimism and confidence in the future enabled art and culture to break free of the past and open up towards the world at large. Imbued with a spirited elegance, the 1950s were years of emancipation and renewal.

The world was firmly focused on present-day modernity. All-conquering technology promised a radiant future lit up by the glow of metal; fashion experienced its style revolution; designs mixed, mingled or separated curves and straight lines thanks to the possibilities afforded by new materials; the seventh art enjoyed the Hollywood film-making boom; and architecture recaptured free-flowing expressions of pure shapes, unfettered by the past.

The world was changing and aesthetes delighted in simplicity, or at least apparent simplicity, which made the work or object even more desirable. Within this context, Vacheron Constantin artisans opted for the rigorous discipline of sobriety, stimulated in their quest for formal purity and balance. The Manufacture experienced a burst of creativity in tune with the new artistic currents. Watches displayed the time in a soft, understated rounded manner that continues to inspire Patrimony to this day.

Born in the heart of the 1950s, this watch met with great success in the United States, its initial intended destination and the origin of the name Patrimony. This round, ultra-thin and highly reliably watch embodies the quintessence of classicism. No superfluous ornamentation disturbs the perfectly mastered, self-sufficient design. Each detail underscores the pure lines dedicated to serving the extreme sobriety that infuses this creation with its timelessly modern aura.


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