Renowned jewelry house, inspired by this amore, creates the timeless Bulgari Bridal Collection, ...

April 29, 2015


Renowned jewelry house, inspired by this amore, creates the timeless Bulgari Bridal Collection, adorning eternity with refinement. Amidst palaces, ruins and antiquities, the mythical history of Rome emerges as a perfect backdrop for love.

Destined to immortalize the unforgettable moments of today, timeless Bulgari Bridal pieces shine the eternal promise: «You and I, forever». Of course, the connection between diamonds and marriage is an old love story. The very first engagement ring exchange is detailed in a document dating from 1503 – a ring and a diamond were joined and given as an engagement promise in Italy, in the city of Venice. Over the years, the tradition has grown and spread, along with the love stories it has told.

Lover of diamonds, Bulgari is expert in buying, designing and setting fine jewels. Adhering to the strictest international standards of precision and quality, the Bulgari Bridal Collection is characterised by a timeless aesthetic both bold and traditional, using peerless natural materials. Designed with joy in mind and love in its soul, the jewellery of the Bulgari Bridal Collection beautifully seals the eternal promise.

As personal tastes are as individual as proposals, the Bulgari Bridal Collection encompasses a wide range of styles. Every line exemplifies the Bulgari aesthetic in its own way. Styles run from traditional to innovative, but each is thoroughly representative of Bulgari’s signature elegance.

Bulgari engagement rings are designed to be cherished for a lifetime – even passed on to future generations.

Discover the Bulgari Bridal campaign shot in Rom exposing the landscape of the famous city and its heritage.


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