CARTIER CLE DE CARTIER TIMEPIECE COLLECTIONThe latest in the renowned jewelers repertoire is the Cartier Clé de Cartier timepiece collection. The silhouettes are pared down and reduced to their essence, with a focus on precision, balance and proportion. Great mastery was employed to create a seamless flow, a minimalist elegance and a harmonious design. Sharp edges were eliminated. The bezel is gently rounded, the horns smoothly tapered. All of which evoke an intangible perfection.

“Clé” means “key” in French and the crown’s resemblance to one is unmistakable. The act of resetting the time and date introduces a new gesture to the world of watchmaking, one that recalls the traditional turning of a key to wind up a clock. Elongated and pure, it is adorned with a sapphire that is not set in a classical manner. Instead, it is ingeniously inserted to remain flush with the metal surrounding it.

Combining cutting-edge technology and in-depth expertise, the new movement was developed, produced and assembled by the craftsmen of the Cartier Manufacture in Switzerland. Its name — 1847 MC — pays homage to the year the Maison was founded. The incorporation of a particularly rapid barrel provides it with tremendous chronometric stability. The dual-direction winding automatic mechanism provides great durability via a specially designed lever system.