With the “Brasserie Gabrielle” fashion show, Artistic Director Karl Lagerfeld has ...

March 13, 2015

With the “Brasserie Gabrielle” fashion show, Artistic Director Karl Lagerfeld has provided a reinterpretation of this Parisian passion for the Chanel Fall 2015 collection.

Coco Chanel often attended the Parisian brasseries with her artist friends. And, on nights when Boy Capel  did not accompany her to the Opera, she would spend the evening at Maxim’s or at the Café de Paris.

Each look touched on the world of the bistro. Sometimes in playful, more literal ways, such as the clutch bags designed to look like a stack of Chanel brasserie plates, or a folded menu. Other times the reference was slightly more subtle, such as the white napkin-edged black jacket and matching skirt, or skirts that wrapped at the back like an apron, or the beaded mosaic skirts that echoed the patterns found on the flooring of some of Paris’s most famous cafés.

Some with their three-dimensional quilted blouson jackets, the detail work lightly echoing folded cloth napkins. The Chanel “ladies who lunch” wearing the brand’s iconic tweed suits, but this time reworked into knee-length dresses.

Meanwhile, every model wore a beige shoe with a black toe, squared heel and revisited proportions: “It’s become the most modern of shoes and makes beautiful legs,” Karl Lagerfeld explained.

Mademoiselle called them pumps. “They are the final touch of elegance” she used to say. To perfect the silhouette that Gabrielle Chanel introduced to the world, it was necessary to create a shoe that went with any outfit, one that was elegant, could be worn morning to night, and was suited to the new lifestyle of women.


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