Shop the new interactive Tory Burch Spring 2015 collection presentation capturing the spirit of artist Françoise Gilot and the time she spent with Picasso in Vallauris. There’s a casual yet elegant ease to the Tory Burch collection, seen in the softness of the lines, and a play between raw and refined. We thought about construction and engineered patterns. Accessories only continue that story, from paint-dipped jewelry to woven leather flats and color-blocked bags.

The collection borrows from Gilot’s own artistic aesthetic, which focused on bold primaries, geometric and abstract forms, and a strong influence from African art. In Burch’s hands, this meant “ a casual yet elegant ease, seen in the softness of the lines, and a play between raw and refined.” That juxtaposition was readily apparent in graphic woven raffia tunics, fringed hem shorts, shibori silk dresses and relaxed toile trousers.

The accessories were those integral finishing touches that bring a work of art to life. Anchoring each look were simple mules and slingbacks, transformed by geometric woodblock patterns via artisanal leather-cutting techniques, or chromatic color blocked heels of wood, resin and leather.  The influence of African art was strongest, seen in simple carved wood rings, metal bangles and layered chokers and necklaces.

The handbags, always a focal point, were in the finest of forms. There were cylindrical straw basket bags, sleek-lined fold-over totes, miniature duffel bags and simple saddlebags, all showing off stunning digital prints, from abstract woodgrain to nylon webbing and complex basketweaves.