Designer Jeremy Scott’s inspiration for the Moschino Fall 2015 Collection was the early Nineties hip-hop and all its stylistic collateral.

To commemorate one of the cheesiest moments in marketing history, when Looney Tunes tried to regain relevance by giving its characters hip-hop makeovers, Scott went even crazier, sending out five models side by side in shirts  — no pants — that bore the images of thugged-out Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig and the gang in Moschino bling. Chain-lock necklaces; a bag shaped like a giant padlock; riffs on gaudy designer denim, which actually looked remarkably current all things considered. The punch lines raged on, culminating in a finale of classic pageant gowns tagged the old-fashioned way with colorful graffiti, which primed them for tagging on Instagram, says WWD. Scott’s Moschino spectacle is still fun. As they say, enjoy it while it lasts.