Shop the new interactive Coach Spring 2015 collection presentation by Stuart Vevers, a journey across America inspired by vintage road-trip cinema and West Coast subcultures of music, skate and surf. The collection evokes what Vevers has described as “a sense of everydayness, twisted.” Featuring darkly playful creatures from Los Angeles artist Gary Baseman and a palette inspired by the eerie colors of the golden hour before sundown, the collection was filmed in a dreamlike rain shower on the streets of Ditmas Park in Brooklyn, New York.

An American dreamer, the optimistic, smart outsider who dresses with a cool, effortless ease and a feeling of spontaneous freedom. A sense of nostalgia and tradition remixed, a graphic, colorful and vibrant take on boyish femininity. Elevating while simultaneously subverting the authentic and familiar. A sense of everydayness, twisted.