Color becomes an impression, a reflection, that pervades the backdrop of the Missoni Spring ...

December 24, 2014

Color becomes an impression, a reflection, that pervades the backdrop of the Missoni Spring 2015 ad campaign, directed again this season by the studio M/M Paris. It delineates the planes of what seems to be a perspective box, the illuminated interior with an ambience that levitates in the absolute darkness of a gravity-free intergalactic space.

In this metaphysical framework that nuances like a rainbow from green to yellow to pink, the Missoni woman poses languidly and sensually in degradé dresses as impalpable as watercolours, interacting with large mirrored spheres and tropical combinations of leaves, flowers and shells. Accents of light and colour that seem to refract the rays of an imaginary sun frame and illuminate the model’s body, dilating the scale in some parts to become enormous and making her look tiny and distant. Moving, twirling and rotating effects transform the sequence of shots into a dance that lifts dress hems, opens them up like a fan, flutters and tangles them, and redesigns fabrics, textures, patterns and prints.

Like iridescent mirages illuminated by dazzling beams of light, the images created by Viviane Sassen evoke the artistic japoneries in the style of Paul Jacoulet, giving a contemporary post-digital spin to the elegant and composed interweavings of femininity and nature in a ukiyo-e style. And giving the exotic sensuality and tropical glamour of the Missoni woman for Summer 2015 an astral and sci-fi quality.

Impeccably posed, the pictures taken with Amanda Murphy, the star of the campaign, transform each piece into a picture, a meditated representation and intriguing experience for the eye. Executed with Elliott Vullod, the campaign for Missoni Menswear for Summer 2015 uses colour and black-and-white pictures. And it becomes an introspective study and portrait gallery: fashion as a lifestyle but also a way of being.


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