The Anna Sui Spring 2015 collection was inspired by the psychedelic posters of Nigel Wentworth, and the work of the graphics collective, Hapshash and the Colored Coat. The collection is called “Kozmik Rock Star as it evokes the spirit of swinging London during the 60s and 70s and of boutiques like Granny Takes A Trip, I Was Lord Kitchener’s Valet, Mr. Freedom, Hung On You, A Dandy In Aspic.

The collection features brocade Sgt. Pepper jackets, shimmering fringed kimonos, William Morris patterned linen blazers, embossed rubber safari vests, cuffed wide-legged jumpsuits, gold soutache-trimmed tapestry waistcoats, glamour girl swimsuits, and long vintage dresses over tap pants. There are iridescent mermaid sequin varsity jackets, shooting star appliqué jean jackets, rainbow embroidered denim hot pants, iridescent chiffon ponchos, lame trousers, cosmic embroidered tulle capes, and shimmering man-in-the-moon sweaters by James Coviello. There are also an abundance of vintage conversational prints featuring full moons, circus animals, Pierrots, promenading kittens, and Kewpie dolls.

The clothing was style with pearlescent and patchwork boots made by Ballin, twinkling Erickson Beamon star jewelry, sparkle anklets, tapestry fanny-packs, macramé butterfly necklaces, glitter Falc running shoes, iridescent sunglasses a la Keith Richards, and Terry de Havilland’s classic metallic lightning bolt glam-rock platforms.