The Emporio Armani Spring 2015 collection featured color in a variety of shades from cornflower to navy with crisp optical white, which drifted into lighter shades of grey; the designer often combined all shades together into horizontal maxi stripes, which felt fresh and perky and just the thing for a warm summer vacation.

The Creative Director explained that it “vibrates in different ways compared with black, which is heavy and more definitive. Blue is softer and less dictatorial.” He called the collection “Blue@,” the symbol possibly winking at the desired millennials demographic. Despite the narrow theme, the lineup was more youthful and sporty, as well as relatable, especially when stripped of any overly dramatic styling gimmicks.

Pronounced short skirts splayed over sheer trousers to perfectly replicate the entity in clothes. Fringes trailed from long skirts to reincarnate fish tails and scales and trousers came with pleats that looked like sand ripples – just as though the tide had come in.

The trousers here were mostly cropped and tapered, jackets languid and loose – a series of white suits were particularly beautiful – and shoes flat throughout.

For evening, Giorgio Armani worked the tone on several cocktail dresses, including an asymmetric ruffled style, and three rigid metallic numbers destined for outer space. The futuristic vibe may have been at odds with the rest of the collection, but perhaps Armani is already thinking about clothes for the generation after Y.

His footwear of choice – glossy skate shoes and nautical canvas hi-tops – also tapped into that vibe and looked particularly current.