Lacoste has returned to a maritime universe for its Spring 2015 collection, one of its ...

October 3, 2014

Lacoste has returned to a maritime universe for its Spring 2015 collection, one of its principal inspirations that not only originally inspired its iconic colors, but also a certain allure and essential functional chic. Style, comfort and performance, three words that also resonate with Felipe Oliveira Baptista’s vision for Lacoste, leading him to research the nautical heritage to design a collection that revisits the first yachtsmen’s tailoring as well as the technical nature of this challenging sport that has always generated great textile innovation. The starting point of the collection: the sailing boat itself as a design object, an inspiring vision of purity that brings together a patchwork of materials, lines and colors.

The silhouette features a mix-and-match of close-fitted and subtly oversized volumes are at the core of the urban wardrobe. With technical pieces, parkas and blouson jackets with welded or zigzag seams, the collection includes nautical essentials like blazers and fisherman smocks; complementing structured cuts and supple asymmetrical constructions; subtly washed-out natural fabrics and mesh, ripstop nylon and technical double-faced fabrics and also mix-and-match of juxtaposed sail-like yokes that play with transparency, weight and shine. The designer has given the nautical-inspired apparel a versatile feel with adjustable straps, suspenders and belts. The maritime element features all the Lacoste codes.

Opposites attract in the iconic Lacoste color palette, where blue, white, red and yellow establish nautical accents while orange, lilac, pale mint, grey and deep purple add hints of pop that either vibrate or seem washed out by sea and sun.

The fabrics include a light cotton veil, subtle tie & dye denim, micro gingham, “caviar”piqué, technical double-faced canvases, as well as nautical stripes that are knitted from two threads or appliqué lace.

With a  subtle combination of blended fabrics, bright colors and classic styles,  this season’s collection exposes beautifully created pieces with a historical undertone.


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