The first Trademark store located at 95 Grand Street in New York features a 2,500-square-foot space in SoHo.

Working with the Swedish design firm Bozarthfornell, founders Pookie and Louisa Burch created an aesthetic that reflects the label’s sporty, American ethos, to which color is key. The centerpiece of the two-story space with a mezzanine is a curving, cream-colored plaster staircase, says WWD.

“The staircase was very exciting,” said Pookie. “We wanted it to feel very fluid from top to bottom, and we wanted this round, curved soft edge. But I would say the learning experience is that, when you choose a store that has a staircase, it’s a whole occasion with codes and legal issues.”

Looking to young Swedish architect Andreas Bozarth Fornell, he created a modern space where a blue-tinted floor poured concrete with brass accents, and, throughout, bird’s-eye maple lines the walls and accordion-style dressing-room doors. Scrimshaw baskets from Nantucket and abstract paintings done by the Burches’ grandfather, Chick Cole, give the space a personal touch.

The Trademark store opens with the label’s fall collection — clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, men’s wear — the first available through a brick-and-mortar operation. When the brand launched roughly a year ago, the Burches sold through their own e-commerce platform.