Referring to the collage as an act of sabotage the Wunderkind Fall/Winter 2014 collection combines the naive with the extraordinary, the banal with the profound, the luxurious with the sportive and the folkloric with the military. As an homage to the Dadaism it opposes the natural rhythm of seasons and reveals a glimpse of upcoming spring.

The new Fall 2014 ad campaign embodies that sophisticated self-understanding, which this season’s collection is based on. The setting provides a sumptuous backdrop of an artist studio, whose magnificent paintings seem to merge with the Wunderkind creations. “In the chaos between arrival and departure she retains her sovereignty” says Wolfgang Joop describing his protagonist. She moves effortlessly between opulence and nonchalance and embodies the strong and confident woman Wunderkind stands for.

The campaign, featuring model Sara Sperling, was photographed by Inge Prader with hair and make up done by Tom Strohmetz.