The beauty of Spring are the flowers, and the fact that they can be unashamedly transposed into our daily lives through fashion.

Almond blossoms come to life in the Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2014 eyewear collection. Dedicated to the Sicily of ancient times and combining Hellenic classicism with the island’s sensual vitality, the spirit of the collection relives the season’s most romantic capsule collection. Delicate pink flowers become lifelike thanks to the artistic skill of fine craftsmen.

The collection’s standout model features hand-painted blossoms and tiny gold leaves laid one-by-one along the frame. Floral prints embellish the remaining exclusive Dolce & Gabbana acetate models and stay in line with the color schemes shown on the runway. Featuring also Almond blossoms and blossom brand motifs characterize mild Sicilian spring, the romantic floral motif of the optical collection is inspired by the enchanting island of Sicily. Almond blossoms everywhere for the fashionable woman who just loves Spring and Nature.