Featuring an in-depth, exclusive video of the Elie Tahari Spring 2014 women’s collection ad campaign. The architecture of Brasalia, the capital city of Brazil as created by Oscar Niemeyer in the 1950’s, is the inspiration for the season’s collection.

Bringing together elements of sport, futuristic components are also incorporated such as high tech fabrics and materials, including raw edge silicone trim, exposed matte zippers, and laser cut leather bonded to mesh.

Elie Tahari craved a campaign that would embody the essence of the brand – a balance of sensuality and structure. The campaign brings to life this contrast via the sensual, honest expression of the model against the strong, concrete background.

The branding and layouts are purposeful, simple and strong to create a lasting impression beyond the season. The campaign, shot by Josh Olins, was deployed across Print, In Store and Taxi TV and has been applauded by retailers and licensees as a strong showing for Elie Tahari.