The Stella McCartney Spring 2014 lingerie collections finds the designer turning her back on some of the flirty floral prints, and delving deeper into the artistic intricacies of French leavers lace and stretch silk satin.

The bra styles still lean toward the softer side, although there are expertly crafted underwire options or, for a vintage look, a new version of the Cherie Sneezing balconette with its elegant satin paneling.

Most noticeable about the new collection is the number of color-saturated pieces, which have the effect of showing off lace patterns in bold relief against the skin.

Stella also has some fun here experimenting with contrasting colorways: check out the neon pink straps on the powdery pink Faye Flirting set, for example, or the dazzling new papaya colorway that serves as an accent to the Cherie piece. There are some new casual homewear pieces in the 15-look collection, the most covetable being the silk Daria Balancing jumper that Stella calls an “all-in-one”. And the Daria range (there’s also a chemise) is indeed a balancing act, pairing a polka dot accent with a leopard skin main print. That shouldn’t work, but then again, this is Stella.