With an artist’s eye and explorer’s heart, Temple St. Clair fashions rare color gems with distinctive gold work to illustrate universal narratives of the earth and cosmos. The Temple St. Clair Spring 2018 Fine Jewellery collection, Earthly Delights, is inspired by the mystical landscapes of the 15th century painter Hieronymus Bosch. Earthly Delights presents a magical jeweled cosmos populated by golden bees and honeycombs, exotic marine gazelles, and shimmering snails. Adorned with an array of rich gems from violet tanzanite to velvety green garnet to royal blue moonstone, Earthly Delights is a collection sure to transport you out of this world.

Temple St. Clair found her passion in gold and precious gemstones over 30 years ago. The Fine Jewellery collection is recognized for iconic rock crystal amulets, triple granulation and archer’s granule; all are signature brand elements with a nod to the designer’s classical foundation.

With her High Jewellery collection, St. Clair celebrates a connoisseur level of gemstones with one-of-a-kind pieces born out of an ongoing quest for the rarest stones in the world such as richly patterned Lightening Ridge Australian Black Opal, electric blue Brazilian Paraiba Tourmaline, fiery African Tsavorite, and her iconic Royal Blue Moonstone.

Uncompromising in her choice of materials and execution, St. Clair explores personally meaningful themes through a lens of whimsy and discovery that makes her pieces treasured by devoted collectors.

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