Vera Wang exudes strength and fearless fashion with a Fall collection set before time

The Vera Wang Fall 2018 offering included inspiration from The Tudors, England’s 16th-century rulers.

Wang modeled her shoulder construction on articulated metal armor and lifted the bulbous peplums and derriere-enhancing domes cantilevered into existence with horsehair from knights’ costumes.

The armor concept carried over into the softer, more lingerie-like pieces—they don’t call them bullet bras for nothing. In addition to padded brassiere cups, there were also padded tushes. To be sure, this was not your standard eventwear.

Accessories included modern sunglasses with a futuristic touch added to the medieval concept. The shield sunglasses read “WANG” pushing the envelope with the logo trend reaching new heights this season.

Vera Wang featured flared pants as flares are having a moment, adding exuberance.