Meets Furla’s unique characters interpreting the latest Spring collection in a fun and dynamic way

Building upon the Holiday campaign of ‘The Furla Society’, the new Furla Spring 2018 ad campaign activity gives further dimension to the new season’s collection by reinterpreting the bags as charismatic and unique characters.

This season’s new campaign is inspired by the romance and splendour of Italy. It is here that we meet five wonderfully unique characters – new members of ‘The Furla Society.’

This season, each bag is reinterpreted as a unique character, with a total of six films and six stills created. A witty, engaging and chic voiceover describes each character and their mannerisms, before the final reveal of the bag that captures the human personality. Two men’s bags are included in the campaign. The bags, differing in shape and colour, all display distinct characteristics designed to appeal to audience segments and their own unique personalities.

The campaign was shot in London with content created by Andrew Rothschild and styling by Beth Fenton. Still images were captured by Stas May, whilst creative direction was provided by Wednesday London.

‘The Furla Society’ highlights the nature of modern women, who are highly individual in their own right, but remain drawn to being surrounded with other like-minded and intentioned peers. The tone is consistently celebratory, aspirational, sophisticated and empowering.