Peter Dundas designs dazzling pieces for the Pre-Fall season

For the Dundas Pre-Fall 2018, the designer focused on what he knows best: nightwear and heavy glamour.

His bohemian dresses come richly patterned with iridescent, almost psychedelic florals—they are awe-inspiringly beautiful. For the party girl who loves an entrance, there is a purple second-skin sequin jumpsuit and also a fabulous white tuxedo.

Since Dundas has a complete design freedom now, he decided to celebrate his muses throughout this collection.

“Recently I rediscovered a book about the illustrator Antonio Lopez, called Antonio’s Girls. It was about his muses: Pat Cleveland, Jerry Hall, Grace Jones. But I have my girls too; they’re my ‘Peter’s Girls’! Giovanna Battaglia, Poppy Delevingne, Eugenie Niarchos, Bianca Brandolini. They’re all glorious and they enjoy life; I wanted to celebrate them,” the designer told Vogue.

There are a few classics such a fully sequined chic emerald mini dress with plunging neckline and its maxi twin in gold.The collection also features a dazzling purple jumpsuit with a strappy corset and glamorous gowns with small but effective sequined details that seem to hold them together. Furthermore, there is sparkly suit for the ladies who prefer power dressing and a chic mini dress in the same aesthetic for the ones who like to go by the cocktail-approved attire.

Besides dazzling pieces, the designer offered whimsical multicolored ensembles. Thanks to his time at Lacroix, Dundas developed a distinctive sense of colors and prints. He worked mostly with florals to add life to the pieces. But his floral prints are more on the abstract side.