Giorgio Armani creates a bright yet blurry artistic campaign for Spring

Discover the Giorgio Armani Spring 2018 ad campaign featuring top model Daga Ziober captured in Paris by fashion photographer Sarah Moon. Inspired by the brush strokes of a painter, the dreamy advertisements feature hazy images.

The photographs have a vivid effect, in which ‘brushstrokes’ of light, colour and movement, loaded with emotion, transform into clothes, accessories and human gestures, creating fields of energy. This season Giorgio Armani has chosen to work with a photographer who is an undisputed someone capable of creating images that are both lyrical and powerful.

The spring season features arty floral prints, Armani’s signature tailoring and a vibrant color palette. Moon’s images also put a focus on dazzling accessories as well as statement footwear.

In charge of styling was Matthias Karlson, with set design from Marie Malterre, and art direction by Thomas Persson. Beauty is work of hair stylist Sebastien Richard and makeup artist Alice Ghendrih.