It’s the Wild West as Stella McCartney’s Fall collection takes a celestial turn in this new film

We re-enter a surrealist world for Stella McCartney‘s second collaboration with creative Philippa Price who tells a story of mysterious darkness through her boundary-pushing vision.

Shot in the desert with a Western spin, “Eclipse” is a moment of shadow and a trigger for outlaws and revenge. Our womenswear and menswear collections come into blurred focus as the tale unfolds, rewinds and trips.

In the context of this film, on the most literal level, “The Eclipse” speaks to the idea of one character coming in between and obscuring the light shared by two other characters. Three celestial bodies existing in their own respective orbits happen to cross paths, causing a moment of absolute darkness. Yet in this moment of darkness, unseen truths are unveiled: while one source of light is concealed, previously invisible lights are revealed.

A total eclipse is a mystery and sublime experience that has perplexed humans for thousands of years. Eclipses have influenced battles, altered thought, inspired art, and to me is a strong symbol of our times.

“I’ve always loved westerns and I’ve ridden horses my whole life,” said Price about the Western-inspired themere. “When I saw Stella’s show for this new collection in Paris I immediately imagined the outfits in a Western setting. Especially the horse prints!”