A French flair takes over the Fall collection with a Napoleon-esque vibe

Vera Wang was named Chevalier of Frances National Order of the Legion of Honor. In response Vera Wang designed a collection and paid homage to Paris while showing her collection.

Fittingly, the Napoleon Bonaparte-established order serves as inspiration for the Vera Wang Fall 2017 collection shown in the Yvan Fabing-directed short film. The clip captures model Mariacarla Boscono and Wang against various backdrops that are both quintessentially Parisian and personal to the designer. In the beginning of the video presentation, the screen opens on Vera sitting in a Louis XVI chair in a typically gilded Parisian Salon. During the video reveal of the collection, Vera could be heard in a voiceover saying: “It was Paris from the start that formed me, embraced me and ultimately saved me.”

The collection continued with a nice blend of Parisian history and drama with her own dark and slightly gothic themed and Victorian tinged romantic aesthetic. Her designs featured the very obvious ‘French inspired touches’.
with embroidered Vs in the way that Napoleon I had placed Ns on his wardrobe. Wang was inspired by Napoleon and his wife and that she used this inspiration to blur the lines on the masculine and feminine aesthetics while still providing the melodramatic ‘pomp and circumstance’ with her embellishments.

The versatility of the collection is not to be overlooked; it is quite an interesting collection with its uncharacteristic silhouettes in some ensembles and floor-length and train-dragging drama in others. The gold lame looked like it was just dripping in a very luxe way to cover the model and her immediate surroundings.