Jessica Chastain embodies the bold and powerful women for Ralph Lauren’s latest fragrance

Award-winning actress, producer, and style icon, Jessica Chastain is the face of the Woman by Ralph Lauren—a new fragrance embodying sensuality, power, strength, and grace.

She eloquently called for stronger female characters, to the presence she brought to her time in front of Steven Meisel’s camera in her latest role, as the face of Ralph Lauren’s newest fragrance campaign.

“The Ralph Lauren woman to me is contradictions”, said Chastain on what drew her to the campaing. “She’s modern, but she’s also timeless. And she’s graceful and strong. She’s sensual and sophisticated. She’s from different times. And she’s unique. And that’s why it’s so exciting to be the face of this campaign, because we’re in a time where femininity is being redefined. And I feel that the Ralph Lauren woman does that.”

Introducing Woman by Ralph Lauren, a new fragrance that finds beauty in the alluring contrast. The scent embodies the essence of modern femininity, Woman by Ralph Lauren reinterprets the iconic tuberose, an elegant white flower, with an alluring blend of rich, vibrant woods; fresh pear; and ripe black currant.