Bold gestures set the mood for the Giorgio Armani campaign

For the Giorgio Armani Fall 2017 ad campaign, the Italian brand tapped Dutch photographer Annemarieke van Drimmelen to shoot models Lara Mullen, Lineisy Montero, Margot Davy, Charlee Fraser, Milena Litvinovskaya, Aleksandar Rusic, Wouter Peelen, Hao Yun Xiang, André Bona, Jason Morgan and Andrey Zakharov.

The collection features signs, chromatic expressions, and materials that multiply like facets on a precious stone. With Variety as a form of contemporary consistency, juxtapositions and colour are an expressive gesture. Getting dressed becomes a poetic, personal gesture, in which items of clothing and accessories are instinctively mixed. A new adaptation of the Armani style is free, aware, subtly irreverent.

The ad campaign will appear in international titles starting from this month.

Take a look behind the scenes of the Giorgio Armani Fall 2017 ad campaign photoshoot as the models pose boldly to showcase a collection of sophistication and minimalism.