A collection paying homage to the Cactus flower in all its sensuality

Introducing a free-spirited collection of powerful, sculptural jewelry that makes a bold statement with the Cartier Cactus de Cartier 2017 collection.

A sculptural range that is imaginative and daring. With a new twist on classic sources of inspiration, Cartier reveals the secret beauty of these plants that can only be admired from afar.

‘We were very sensitive to the fact that the flower is sensual but at the same time it is “piquant”, spiky, unapproachable,’ explains Pierre Rainero, Cartier director of image, style and heritage. ‘That fiery, unexpected character is all part of the attraction for us.’

The Cactus de Cartier collection plays with volume and materials – light, lattice-like gold, semi-precious stones and brilliant, unexpected colours. The interesting pieces are those with the most refined proportions – the small, semi-hoop beaded drops of gold, emeralds, carnelians and diamonds, for instance, are such a modern take that they have the feel of an instant classic about them.

Watch as creativity comes alive with lapis lazuli and diamond flowers created with exceptional craftsmanship giving way to the sumptuous, tactile quality of the Maison.