Roland Mouret is celebrating his 20th anniversary this year with a brand that has been known to create a well-cemented relationship with the women who buy his clothes. “They know exactly what they want,” he says.

His latest collection Pre-Fall 2017 features bright and attractive shapes with a dose of a classic feel. Roland Mouret’s designs follow the woman’s silhouette in a sensational and romantic way with body-focused dressing, of pencil-skirts and drapes and heels.

This season, we witnessed a strongly defined waist on almost all of his designs. Shaping pencil skirts were paired with tight crop tops with a delicate decoration along the edges of the sleeves.

Asymmetric necklines and uneven, table-cloth hemlines give a sense of modernity and movement in the clothes. Some of the dresses revealed a hint of shoulder while others focused on the sensuality of the bare woman’s back. With its wrapped caped top, it still zippers up in a torso-cinching manner, but projects today’s wider possibilities for elegant attire.

A great surprise was Roland’s variety of jumpsuits both solid and with embroidered flowers. Same as his dresses, the jumpsuits were asymmetric and tailored to enhance the assets of the woman’s body. Roland included bomber jackets embroidered with abstract flowers perfectly wearable with wide-leg trousers and skirts.

Discover the collection here.