The POP girl has evolved and heads out on a new adventure supported by individuality, inner strength and thoughtfulness. Her story deepens with the new Stella McCartney POP Bluebell fragrance– a twist on the original POP scent with a reflective mood and offering a new kind of beauty. The campaign features Lola Leon, the daughter of Madonna, for a second season as the face of the new fragrance line.

“True and lasting friendships is how we grow, creating a deeper sense of intimacy, generosity and courage. The bluebell reflects this perfectly. It’s extremely beautiful, however its principal quality is strength. It gives itself the firmest foundation so that it’s ready to bloom,” said Stella McCartney.

Stella McCartney thinks believes that as human beings, we’re always changing, and POP is evolving with the girls who wear it. I really love these girls – their spirit, their independence – and wanted to follow them on to the next stage of their adventures. In POP Bluebell they’ve lived life and learnt, and become only more beautiful in the process.

In POP Bluebell, the brand on a deeper, darker journey with the young woman celebrated in the original scent, who is now born of experience and inner strength.

The bright, delicate and dewy bloom of the bluebell with a deeply sensual sandalwood base brings a new depth to the original POP’s tuberose. Stella McCartney has used the latest eco-friendly bio-mimicry technology to create the scent as they continue to put sustainability at the heart of everything they do.

As we introduce the new fragrance the POP girl sets off on the new phase of her life: POP Bluebell is now available online.