Reincarnated for 2017, the Yves Saint Laurent Beauty Vernis À Lèvres is a smash hit that returns to top the global lip charts. So pump up the volume, max out the power – hit “stop” on compromises forever. Because the lip legend is back. Get ready, get set – the colour revolution is about to press “play”.

Containing similar properties to skincare the Vernis À Lèvres Vinyl Cream is best applied two ways, worn as a single coat to create a creamy base, customers can then add a second layer which adds a bright, pure and lasting colour, creating a flawless hydrating, creamy vinyl shine wrap that envelopes lips.

Each Cream is aptly named after a vinyl track sensation, from Rouge Remix to Orange Electro and beyond. Beauty mavens will also be extremely excited by the brand new packaging, which compliments the Cream’s perfectly, showcasing a stark black casing with a line of striking colour accents – to highlight each shade.

The avant-garde applicator is also new for next season. Inspired by a slim-cut diamond, the wand allows tiny striations get coated in every formula helping to achieve maximum precision as it helps sculpt every curve and lip silhouette.

Watch behind the scenes as model Staz Lindes brings a vibrancy to the new lip color collection.