The Bulgari Serpenti Ring celebrates the powerful snake, capturing the viper’s sensuality and colour, in the new creative video made by the Italian artist Virgilio Villoresi. The viper ring’s tale: a hide and seek game of seduction in Rome. Iconic and exotic, Serpenti charms and empowers with its magnetism.

Dancing with light and natural beauty, the new Bulgari Serpenti rings brillinatly combine alternating materials, vibrant colors, and strikingly sophisticated design.

Created in the 1940s, Bulgari’s first Serpenti jewel was a snake watch that coiled the wirst whilst keeping time in its jaws. Since, Serpenti has been rebirthed in yearly gemstone reinterpretations of itself , a continual revewal of its precious serpentine skin.

The Serpenti Ring reveres the brilliance of viperous markings, alternating materials, and preciousness in each treasurable triangle, with colours most strikingly paired.