Introducing the limited-edition Coach Space capsule collection inspired by American dreamers and explorers who believe that anything is possible.

The space-themed capsule collection features a host of details referencing interstellar exploration and the quest for optimism.

The Coach brand is channelling nostalgia with this new collection of ready-to-wear clothing, bags and accessories. The American dream and, in particular, space exploration is the focus of this limited-edition capsule. The collection also features uplifting symbols of optimism, like smiley emojis and slogans like “I Believe” and “We come in peace.”

The collection includes sweatshirts, T-shirts, jackets, handbags, cross-body bags, rucksacks, tote bags and small leather goods. The collection is mostly finished in dark, muted colours, such as blue, black, gray, white and khaki.

Touches of colour come from yoke panels featured on various pieces in the collection. Stars, NASA-inspired logos, Apollo rockets and planets adorn “Dinky,” “Saddle,” “Rogue” and “Gotham” bags. Coach also adds to its bag range with the “League” rucksack, reminiscent of 1980s high-school backpacks.

Rexy the dinosaur — the brand’s signature emblem — also returns, sometimes wearing an astronaut’s helmet and sometimes with a jetpack on his back.