The Chaumet Lumières Célèstes collection is a new high jewelry exclusive 5 pieces set, inspired by China’s splendor, created for the launch of the Chaumet exhibition in Beijing. A new High Jewelry set resulting from an encounter between the French identity and savoir-faire of the Maison and Chinese inspirations.

This set is the expression of the most refined and historical craftsmanship of Chaumet, featuring a tiara, emblematic piece of the Maison. Since its creation, Chaumet has made a great use of pearls, the ‘’Lumières Célestes’’set perfectly embodies this long-lasting tradition. Technical prowess, like the ‘’fil-couteau” or on-work cutting techniques, brings wonder and emotion.
Graceful and voluptuous lines emphasize the most refined femininity, as elevated stones and pearls bring lightness to the design of the diadem: luminous and aerial.

Lumières Célèstes celebrates the meeting of two cultures, the French and the Chinese, with the alliance of diamond’s ardent sparkle and the pearl’s iridescent shimmer. An ode to feminine beauty, this ensemble pays tribute to Chaumet’s jewelry virtuosity with the grace and lightness characteristic of the Maison’s style. Stylized clouds, a bandeau adorned with a twisted motif and stones that seem to reach the stars on their “fil couteau” setting, express the convergence of Parisian High Jewellery and China.

Watch behind the scenes of the making-of the Chaumet Lumières Célestes collection and the Joséphine Aigrette Impériale pieces.