Introducing the Prada Pre-Fall 2017 campaign, called ‘The Nonconformists,’ spotlighting the new season looks as photographer Willy Vanderperre captured models Natalie Westling, Mia Brammer and Kris Grikaite.

The trio of models appear in a juxtaposition of two portraits—one a closeup black and white photograph, and another a 3/4 shot.

Fall 2017 is a quintessentially multicolored, ostrich-feathered, crystal-fringed collection.

It started somewhere in the late ’60s, early ’70s, perhaps, with hip corduroy flares, hand-knitted scarves, Baker Boy hats and patchwork leather and snakeskin coats. It moved on through all the curvy sex-bomb tropes of the ’50s, in a fuzzy, embroidered-angora sweater girl.

Turquoise and coral ostrich feather flew on hemlines; crystal fringing swished from flesh-colored lingerie nylon. The collection features coats, tweed-checked utilitarian styles and print-and-fur elaborate ones. Fur–highlighting accents were spotlighted as Prada’s signature eclecticism.