Spokesmodel Kendall Jenner and musician Elle King star in the new Estée Lauder ‘Wild Love’ film introducing the new Pure Color Love lipstick collection.

After a night of partying Kendall’s friends — including Elle — ditch her after a party, leaving her to clean up the post-celebration mess all by herself. Elle takes off for the recording studio, accidentally leaving behind a tube of Estée Lauder’s Pure Color Love lipstick in the party wreckage, which Kendall finds as she’s working diligently to straighten up. A quick swipe of the lipstick onto her lips (in the fabulous, classic red shade Bar Red) and Kendall’s mood is instantly lifted, turning her cleanup endeavor into a fun, vibrant dance party. In the video, this new Estée Lauder lipstick also gives Kendall the ability to steal Elle’s amazing voice from her.

After discovering that Elle leaves behind her Pure Color Love Lipstick at the end of a party, Kendall makes magic happen, somehow managing to transform the chore of cleaning up into a celebration of her very own. Multiple outfit changes, balloons and handfuls of confetti later, Kendall and Elle realize what happened and Elle returns for her rightful lipstick. In the meantime, we’re treated to shot after shot of eight luxe, pigmented, gorgeous shades of Pure Color Love, including a deep plum, a hot pink, and an orangey red.

Kendall Jenner gets her color on with New Pure Color Love Lipstick. Watch her mix it up with Elle King in the ‘Wild Love’ video.