Walt Disney’s Fantasia, his 1940 surreal cartoon animation film, was an inspiration for the Mary Katrantzou Fall 2017 ready-to-wear collection where the designer also used inspiration from the film noir craze of the Forties, playing an important part in cinematic history.

The collection featured big shoulders, furs, and checked tweed suiting, with outerwear in several colors that boasted full fur sleeves. Her velvet dresses shimmered with patters of starbursts and mythical creatures; even Tinkerbell made an appearance thanks to Disney allowing for it.

In this collection, there were prints and beaded embroideries inspired by Fantasia’s soundwaves, bugle beads and whirring buttons sewn in grids on sugary pastel coats, and cartoony landscapes in which the Little Mermaid and the Little Centaur popped up.

The inclusion of so many different elements – check prints, flowers, crystals, fur, interesting zips, tapestry inspired jackets, velvet and tulle – meant that she covered a lot of elements.

Katrantzou explained post show: “I was thinking of different kingdoms, the Magic Kingdom and ‘Fantasia,’ which I first saw when I was about 10, and how Disney used the music to animate the characters, I wanted to counterbalance that with the Forties, and the heroines of film noir.”