The Agent Provocateur Holiday 2016 interactive film campaign stars the sensational British actress Juno Temple, who perfectly embodies the two personalities of Naughty and Nice. The #NaughtyOrNice campaign is led by the actress who embodies the two personalities of Naughty and Nice, the first very confident and knowing, the second more innocent and coquettish.

This video, the first of its kind allows the viewer to move between the two scenarios by tapping the screen on their mobile device or by pressing the ’N’ button on their desktop keyboard. The surreal, wild and ever so fun film combines the visionary aesthetic of timeless storytelling with the future of technology accessible on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

The video features the key styles from the Agent Provocateur Holiday 2016 collection including the festive and glitzy Sparkle range, rubberised lace Deziree corset and the season’s best selling Essie range.

“Lingerie should be picked by you for you, and it can really make you feel confident about your body without another human validating you, which I do not take for granted today,” she explained. “I really do feel that women’s bodies, no matter what shape or size, are one of this planet’s great beauties and I think it’s almost like picking out jewellery. It should be that feeling, but no one has to see it. It makes me feel excited about my body and I treasure that.”

Go behind the scenes with Temple and Agent Provocateur’s Creative Director, Sarah Shotton and explore both sides of the interactive video and find out which list you’re on this Christmas.