The Rebecca Taylor Fall 2016 collection paid homage to the “second grandmother” in her life, who passed away last year at 100 years old.

“She was such a great influence for me,” Taylor explained. “She was a colorist and print designer in London in the ’20s and ’30s, and worked for houses like Liberty and Laura Ashley.”

Taylor has always put the spotlight on prints and textures, but they were especially prominient this season. On classic silk blouses and tissue-thin turtlenecks, a vintage floral print in shades of emerald and lilac felt both of-the-moment and appropriately retro. Taylor blew up that print into a muted jacquard, which looked particularly cool on an oversized bomber, and used the motif for appliqués on a leather jacket, too.

There was a ’40s-inspired nipped-waist dress in glossy black and taupe as well as a sapphire double-breasted blazer also having sentimental value as well: “My mum used to make me these little printed velvet suits when I was growing up,” Taylor said. “I have such a history with women in my life making beautiful clothes. I think that really translates here.”