The limited-edition Golden Goose Deluxe Brand x Off-White collection  has been presented in exclusive preview during opening of its new showroom during Milan Fashion Week. The collaboration between those innovative brands is the outcome of the passion for research, discovery and travelling, shared by their creative directors, which has been the main source of inspiration for this new project.

For Golden Goose Deluxe Brand travel is represented by the Black & White flag, which is also recurring symbol of the brand and all its flagship stores. For Off-White, instead it is represented by elements that remind an airport: its colours, patterns and signs are the inspiration behind the collection called “Landing Edition”.

The Golden Goose Deluxe Brand x Off-White “Landing Edition” is made by three exclusive models of sneakers and t-shirts dedicated to New York, Paris and Hong Kong, city that represents Golden Goose Deluxe Brand and Off-White’s journey around the world.

“From my first interaction with Golden Goose Brand I have been impressed by the soul and spirit infused in the products they make.” declares Virgil Abloh, Off-White’s Creative Director “Alessandro and Francesca have created such a unique range of garments and footwear that inspire me vividly. At the forefront to me is the most relevant form of modern luxury design related to lifestyle. A testament to a new class of designer that I identify with and am honored to collaborate with for Off-White.”

Alessandro Gallo, Golden Goose Deluxe Brand’s designer says “ From the first moment, we have been excited by this collaboration. Virgil, like us, combines creativity and the aesthetics of street style when he creates his collections, innovating and experimenting a mix of craftsmanship and industrial production. Off-White is the expression of a young culture, translated into modern graphics. For this reason, we believe it is not only the union of two brands, but also of two different souls and lifestyles.”