The inscription Dior Paradise runs along the backs of the dresses from the Resort 2016 collection in black calligraphy on white fabric.

Palatial pinks, rockstar reds and skater stamps are the headline acts in Christian Dior‘s Paradise parade. The Resort 2016 collection, which features must-have bags, statement accessories and the signature Dior logo embellished on every piece, is a coveted collection.

The Lady Dior and Diorama bags are embellished with floral motif badges and the enticing phrase Dior Paradise is written in white letters slicing into the black matte leather of a wallet.

Both Dior Paradise’s and the Resort collection perfectly transmit the line-up’s spirit, wherein the desire to spend the cold winter in some remote islands in the tropics is extremely strong.

A number of leather goods conceived around this signature arrive to complete the collection’s outfits, and are now available to discover in stores.