As a tribute to its first muse, Empress Joséphine, Chaumet is celebrating the power of love.

Marie-Josèphe-Rose, the future Empress, was given her pet name of “Joséphine” by Napoleon Bonaparte. A woman of power and taste, Joséphine became the first eminent customer of Marie-Etienne Nitot, Chaumet’s founder, in 1780. It was for Josephine, who was crowned Empress.

On 2 December 1804, Chaumet designed fashionable and romantic bejewelled headwear, gifts from the Emperor to his lucky star. Chaumet is now dedicating its new jewelry collection to Joséphine, a modern, free-thinking, daring woman.

Strength and delicacy, balance and movement: the Joséphine collection expresses the Chaumet style, sophisticated and feminine, born of a constantly renewed illustrious history. These Belle Époque drawings, projects for necklaces, pendants, tiaras and aigrette head ornaments created between 1900 and 1915, illustrate Chaumet’s characteristic art of subtle nuance and composition. The geometric motifs inspired by the repertoire of classical architecture embrace the supple swirls and vivacious movements of the instant, as if the jewel had captured the fleeting spray of a sparkling gush of water. This aerial and lofty interpretation is quintessential Chaumet: an apparent alliance of contrasts, a wedding of beauty and strength, refinement and brilliance, to celebrate the exceptional charm and sensitivity of Joséphine, both woman and empress.

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