& Other Stories invited five creatives, all transgender, to tell a story that broadens the view on gender in fashion. By featuring diversity in age, ethnicity and personality in a wide mix of different stories, the brand highlights the versatile aspects of the collections while pushing boundaries and challenging the traditional fashion and beauty gaze.

& Other Stories ‘The Gaze’ film features rising transgender models like Hari Nef and Valentijn De Hingh star in its latest ad campaign, but the creative team behind the shoot was also made up entirely of trans people, including stylist Love Bailey, makeup artist Nina Poon, and photographer Amos Mac.

Sara Hilden, the brand’s Creative Director, said that this “gaze” was the concept that drove the campaign. “There’s a lot of talk about transgender today, but for us, it was a lateral step to do [the campaign],” she told ​WWD​. She elaborates that the images are seamless with any other fashion campaign that we might view this season—that two transgender models are starring in the photographs is for the viewer to extrapolate, hence the “gaze.”

Watch as these creative talents show their “gaze.”