The Bulgari Serpenti jewelry collection draws inspiration from the power and dynamism of the serpent: the sinuous and flexible form of the creature lends itself to a variety of jewels and magnificent timepieces, destined to become a new icon of Bulgari design.

Conceived as single, double or triple coils and crafted with consummate mastery, the new creations are characterized by a design that artfully combines classic Bulgari style with innovative contemporary lines.

The Bulgari Serpenti collection plays on the variety of forms suggested by the snake, transforming its sinuous body into wrap-around bracelets, rings and jewel-watches. It plays on color as well, through refined decorations in diamonds and multicolored gemstones, crafted in a way that establishes continuity with the past while at the same time imbuing each piece with a touch of modernity.

Emblem of wisdom, life and eternity, the serpent has always been a constant presence in jewelry, from Hellenism to our own day, and is a cornerstone of the history of Bulgari style. Among the jewelers who successfully reintroduced the serpent motif in the 20th century, Bulgari was the first to adapt it to a wristwatch. Indeed, from the late 1940s onward, its serpenti-form bracelet-watches became a signature of Bulgari production and signaled the beginning of its success in the field of fine watchmaking. Moreover, the simplification of the serpentine form, in keeping with Bulgari’s process of stylization of natural elements, became one of the central themes of the company’s production in the early 1970s.

In 2009, the expressive power of this ancient symbol has returned, speaking a contemporary creative language that offers a new interpretation of an ancient tradition that connects it seamlessly to the Bulgari heritage.