Introducing the Nina Ricci L’Extase fragrance collection, embracing the dreams of a woman in tune with her most intimate desires. Femininity inhabited by eroticism. Being yourself, even when naked. Especially when naked. Passionate, free, determined. An erotic feminine dream, an imaginary and sensual journey, beginning with her and ending with L’Extase.

L’Extase is an incandescently modest fragrance with a genuinely erotic signature. A Barely Rose accord which is shaped around a bouquet of white petals, lit by natural Roses with a hint of Pink Pepper, like a caress of satin. Then the Musky Shadow unfolds notes of Siamese Benzoin and Virginian Cedar which cling subtly to the Amber and the whisper of Musk.

The bottle of L’Extase is modelled on a couture clutch to preciously encapsulate feminine fantasies. Its mysterious glass envelope in shades of dark mauve, delicate black satin ribbon with the signature plate all place L’Extase boldly in the line of the great Nina Ricci perfumes.

The Nina Ricci L’Extase Fragrance includes an Eau de parfum at 30mL, 50 mL and 80 mL, available in select perfume shops.