Shop the new interactive Stella McCartney  Spring 2015 collection of effortless movement and fluid silhouettes reflecting the true spirit of Summer and embracing a strong feminine attitude.

The collection features a utilitarian functionality with sailor trousers and wide culottes in shades of white, crème and vanilla. Washed cotton twill and linens provide texture and a feeling of age and character whereas, slightly over scaled buckles create toughness. A statement in denim plays on appliqué threadwork and a combination of asymmetrical circular shapes and cutaway side paneling. Meanwhile, knitwear is bold and sensual, made of organic yarn in butter with polished hardware details; knotted and twisted, exposing skin in movement. A shiny and matte knit of different rib proportions is chopped and sculptured in asymmetrical silhouettes in powder, ciel and butter shades, accessorized with oversized non-PVC necklace chains. Check print is applied on layers of billowing silk dresses and ultra -light trench coats. Embracing a worn effect, silk crepe de chine jacquard and silk satin voile in gentle pastels reveal skin and layers underneath the tunnel work, gathered at the waist in a depth of luxurious washed fabric.

Evening captures the energy and exuberance of summer with an eclectic mix of patterns and prints in delicate organza sewn into a jigsaw of suspended hand-embroideries, creating windows through the body.