Featuring the Forte_Forte Spring 2015 ad campaign under the creative direction of Robert Vattilana. Photographed by Arnaud Pyvka, the images features model Natasa Vojnovic and will debut in print in February 2015 issues.

Vivid clear color and curled tactile surfaces, typical of the Mediterranean landscape, inspire this new journey. A journey that takes place where the wind recalls ancient traditions and sailors from the east. Set in La Scala Dei Turchi in Sicily, a candid white and widespread cliff rises above the sea; wind and waves have shaped its sinous natural form over thousands of years.

As Forte_Forte is synonymous for delicate and feminine garments, the brand uses the most refines quality fabrics together with the Italian prestigious “savoir-faire” to make each piece precious and unique. Beautiful finishes and handcrafted details create an intimacy and dissolve the distance between the garment and the person who wears it. Here, the  perception of a vibrant and sensitive nature and the sensual fluidity of silky, liquid materials embrace pure energy and natural beauty.