Stella McCartney‘s must-have print has arrived for Spring 2015. With vibrant color blocking and playful motifs contrasted with feminine silhouettes, the striking design will lift the new season’s palette into the stratosphere.

Stella stated: “We always like to have some humor in the collection. They’re our superheroes for superwomen. I just want to feel like they’re mine again. I don’t want the clothes to tell me what to do. When I sit down, I don’t want to feel like I’m wearing cardboard that’s kicking out away from me so that I have to sit a certain way.”

“We always do a lot of sport, but this season I wanted to soften the sport. Feminize it a little bit. The tailoring is less masculine, a bit more A-line, with little windows to the body,” McCartney said.

By offering fun, unexpected colors, and lots of superhero prints, she delivers clothes and accessories embellished with colorful characters masks  which appear on feminine tailoring creations. To complete the look, statement shoes and iconic accessories echoed the new season’s spirit.

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