Directed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino, this new film “The Future is Gold” by Christian Dior featuring Charlize Theron is a declaration of optimism and confidence. The new Dior J’Adore fragrance ad campaign awakens new sensations and a desire for discovery.  It sees Theron, clad in black with obligatory shades, skinnies and stilettoes, racing upstairs into Versailles’ magnificently OTT Hall of Mirrors, then slipping mysteriously through a door.

This new impetus means that the story of J’adore is continuing to be written, ahead of its time and fully understanding women’s desires. From the liquid gold bath to Versailles, each film provides striking images that remain engraved in the memory.

Today, the J’adore woman rises up and leads from the front. The future is in her hands due to her own accomplishments and her positive outlook. Her radiant serenity gives her self-confidence. She walks with assurance, naturally rising to the top.

This is a new chapter for J’Adore. A sparkling fresh floral bouquet, it debuted originally in 1999 as an Eau de Parfum. Now it also comes as a lighter Eau de Toilette, recreated by perfumer Francois Demachy along the same floral theme to reflect Dior’s history, but with the addition of orange blossom.

The new J’Adore opens with a lifting citrus note – yellow mandarin, the perfect sharp hit because it’s not as acidic as green mandarin or as sweet as red mandarin notes – and its orange blossom heart, created with petals handpicked from sunny fields in Cap Bon, Tunisia, is enhanced by extracts from Damascus rose and jasmine sambac on a woody foundation.