In a season where soft, feminine, vintage-inspired pieces contract against sharp, clean, modern shapes, the Reiss Fall 2014 collection puts great important on elegance and the art of dressing up.

The Fall 2014 womenswear collection has been inspired by the reference of the past, present and future. At the season’s inception, we discover modern interpretations of designs beloved in the ’70s. Prints take their aesthetic cure fro the world of nature. Delicate feather printed designer feel illustrated in their manifestation, but for a bolder take on print we find a whole host of abstract animal prints.

The color palettes is darkly dramatic and shows a penchant for rich, deep hues. We discover lashings of dusky tones, with black making its presence forcefully felt. A visual rebuff to the season’s prevailing shadowy palette, hits of color come courtesy of robust reds and bold blues with are unabashedly intense.

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