CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN NAIL COLLECTIONThe French footwear guru Christian Louboutin is immersing himself in the beauty business with a range of signature nail polishes, entitled “Rouge Louboutin”, drawn from his inspiration of the famous red sole.

The designer grouped his polishes into in three color families — Pop, Nude and Noir — with the signature Louboutin red getting its own special packaging: a glass orb in gradient shades of black, and a black cap taller than the rest.

The brand will be marketed as a genuine luxury experience, with an eye-catching bottle and wand-like cap. The 16-faceted bottle, produced by Pochet, has its edges smoothed with a hand-held flame. Likewise, the little box container is also made by hand. Roggero said it takes 22 weeks to make each piece.

As an example of attention to detail, the underside of the cap, like the bottom of a shoe, is colored in signature red. The long cap, inspired by a calligraphy brush, is bottom-weighted to make it more manageable. Louboutin’s final design consists of basic forms: a faceted glass base incorporating square and round shapes, plus a spire-like cap evoking a finial on a building — or a cone-shaped heel. “I wanted the color to be almost frozen in a pack of glass,” he said. “It’s actually a very classical bottle.”

Priced at at $50 for a bottle of polish and $55 for the necessary care kit, “Rouge Louboutin” is now available at Louboutin boutiques  and exclusive department stores in the U.S and will launch worldwide in August.

Louboutin said he plans to add new polish colors to accompany new collections of shoes — at least twice a year — and to open a dedicated shop for beauty in Paris at the end of the year in the Galerie Véro-Dodat.