Featuring signature DVF prints meet Warhol icons in this video created by artist Alia Penner to celebrate PopWrap, a limited-edition collaboration between Diane Von Furstenberg and The Andy Warhol Foundation.

About her famous fashion items  Diane said  “I have had a very interesting relationship with the wrap dress because the truth is, it happened by accident. First it was a little wrap top inspired by what ballerinas wear, with a matching skirt, and then I made it into a dress.”

The collection includes the wrap dresses with various prints,a couple of sweaters, roomy bag and clutch. On some of these things are the backdrop motives of Warhol’s works which have become signature prints of Diane von Fürstenberg  : black and white drawing which simulate the interlacing of the chain and a chaotic pattern of white lines on a contrasting background, similar to a leopard coloring.

“I am so excited to collaborate with The Warhol Foundation on a collection that embodies the spirit of Andy and DvF,” said von Furstenberg.